Workshops and Webinars in Google Analytics

Regular workshops and webinars for Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a powerful and free tool that can serve as the cornerstone of your online analytics work.

Workshop: Website Redesign with Google Analytics

Your website is terrible, and needs to be redesigned and relaunched. Relax, everyone feels this way about their website. But no matter how out-of-date or confusing your website is today, some things are working for you. In this workshop we will look at how Google Analytics can help you figure out what is working with your websites and what is not. We’ll finish this two hour evening session with a clear understanding about what to keep in our relaunched site and what to get rid of.
Toronto | $60 | Learn More and register

Workshop: Social Media Measurement

You spend a lot of time (and thus money) on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. But you’re not sure how it’s helping you. During this two hour evening workshop, we’ll look at how Google Analytics and other tools can help us measure what’s working and what’s not with our social media efforts.
Toronto | $60 | Learn More and register

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