Workshop: Google Analytics for Website Redesign | March 12, 2014

Google Analytics can tell you what you need to know of to make your site relaunch a success.

This is a two hour evening workshop in Toronto, teaching you to use Google Analytics to avoid common redesign mistakes and identify opportunities to improve your website.

The session will be held

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
6:00-8:00pm at The Centre for Social Innovation,
720 Bathurst (south of Bloor)

Register online here

This session will give you a solid step-by-step process to help you redesign your website in a strategic way, using data, not guesswork.  You’ll have the data to understand what’s working with your website and what is not contributing to your site’s success.  We’ll identify opportunities to improve the site visitors’ experience, make important things easier to find on your site, and end with a worksheet of next steps to take for a data-driven and strategic redesign or refresh of your website.

During the two hour workshop we will cover:

  • A brief introduction to Google Analytics, and why it’s particularly helpful with planning a website redesign
  • Avoiding the most common and costly mistakes of redesigning your site (solving the baby/bathwater problem)
  • What needs to be easier to find on your site, and ways to test your site navigation
  • Identifying your top content, your biggest opportunities to get more visitors and what’s working and what’s not on your current website
  • Dashboards and reports that will help your site redesign go smoothly
  • Do you really need to redesign your site, or can you just refresh it?

While this workshop is most useful to people already using Google Analytics on their website, you don’t need to have any previous experience with the tool. We will introduce Google Analytics and how it works, then look at specific data and reports that will help you find out what’s working, what’s not and identify your biggest opportunities for growth in traffic and conversions. Worksheets and checklists are included to help you remember the steps you need to take to plan your website redesign.

If you are in Toronto, you can register for the upcoming workshop here.  If you can’t make it to a session in Toronto, but want to learn how to redesign your site with the help of Google Analytics, sign up here to get an invitation to our first webinar version of this workshop.


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