Coaching in Google Analytics for Mobilisation Lab

Improving digital analytics capacity of offices around the world via webinar.

The Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace is an ambitious experiment in changing the way people work to change the world. In their own words, it exists to provide Greenpeace and its allies “a dynamic, forward-looking space to envision, test, and roll out creative new means of inspiring larger networks of leaders and people around the world to break through and win on threats to people and the planet.”

It’s a project that aims to test and share innovations in the world of people powered campaigning, mobilizing public support to make positive change. Data Habits helped the Mobilisation Lab with one part of their mandate, supporting 60 Greenpeace web marketers and technical staff around the world with training sessions and ongoing coaching to improve their use of digital analytics.


The Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace, like most organizations seeking to increase online effectiveness, is working to help the entire organization become more informed by data in its decision making. With millions of supporters, offices in 40 countries and a fast-paced culture of campaigning, Greenpeace needed to have a good understanding of how their online efforts were supporting their most important goals.

Facility with digital analytics was mixed across the 40 regional offices – while there were analytics superstars in some regions doing advanced segmentation, analysis and experimentation, other offices were only beginning to use analytics to gain insights into their work.


Working closely with the Mobilisation Lab over six months, Eric delivered consulting and coaching sessions to improve the use of digital analytics in decision making to Greenpeace offices around the world.

  • Webinars delivered to 60 technical and marketing participants around the world on key topics including conversion tracking, segmentation and interpreting results.
  • Online coaching sessions on particular challenges such as cross domain tracking of donations and other online actions, custom reports and customizing the installation of Google Analytics.
  • Support and study sessions to help technically inclined staff earn their Individual Qualification in Google Analytics
  • Clear online documentation including screencasts and technical documentation for specific Google Analytics challenges
  • Technical recommendations to improve the use of Google Analytics based on audit of the Greenpeace content management system.
  • Process recommendations to improve the use of Google Analytics based on interviews with key staff and feedback from sessions.


  • Increased understanding of key analytics concepts for Greenpeace staff
  • 11 newly minted Google Analytics certified Greenpeace staff
  • A clear set of process and technical enhancements to improve the use and effectiveness of Google Analytics in Greenpeace offices around the world.

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