Google Analytics Audits

There are five parts to an audit session:

1. You will fill out an online survey and we will have a quick discussion to identify a few of your most pressing web challenges. These challenges will be the focus of the audit, as well as a general overview of your online results. For instance, if you are putting a lot of your resources into content marketing, I will focus the audit on making sure you can track your results in this area.

2. I will spend several hours checking through your Google Analytics installation and configuration, taking note of ways you could get better insights by changing your setup. I will make any simple changes to your setup that I can do with administrator access, otherwise I will outline, in detail, how your developers can improve your Google Analytics setup to generate more useful data.

3. I will spend several more hours looking through your website traffic data, taking notes on your visitors behaviour and looking for opportunities to improve your online results. As mentioned, I will focus on your particular measurement challenges, in content, email or social media marketing, visitor engagement, online advertising or website optimization.

4. We will have an hour-long online conversation or meeting to discuss the findings. I will make sure you understand the findings and recommendations, and are clear on next steps.

5. I will send you a document outlining the main recommendations from our discussion. It will include both clear instructions on now to improve your Google Analytics setup to track your particular online challenges and next steps on how to improve your online results.

This is a good fit for you if:

  • You are already using Google Analytics and have at least a few weeks of data
  • You suspect that you could be tracking better data in your Google Analytics account
  • You are puzzled about particular data or patterns in your Google Analytics results

Typical Investment:
3-5 hours of your time | $2500 USD

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