Coaching and Consulting in Analytics

Ongoing support to help you and your organization make online decisions based on data, not guesswork.

When you work with me in a consulting engagement, I will help you adopt simple data habits so you are clear on what to measure, what you can ignore, and what it all means. Over time you will ask better questions about how to improve your results – and be clear about how to get the answers you need. Your organization will learn to focus on results and identify opportunities, instead of simply chasing the next big thing.

You’ll end up with a web analytics process you will use to make better decisions, because it’s accurate, you understand it, and it’s focused on your particular challenges.

What analytics coaching entails :
Each client need is different, but this ongoing support almost always consists of a mix of:

We work together to define your needs over the course of the engagement based on where you are currently with web analytics, and where you want to be. This is about understanding the technical, strategic and implementation challenges and opportunities unique to your organization. We’ll develop a measurement plan that ensures you are tracking the data you need to help you make better decisions about your online work.

Technical implementation support’¨
I can help with technical implementation of web analytics, optimization tests and user voice feedback. We’ll get you accurately tracking the most meaningful data for your goals.

Internal Capacity Building’¨
I offer regular instruction and ongoing coaching to help your staff measure and improve the results of your email, social media, paid and content marketing campaigns. We will get you focused on the data that helps you improve your result, and make sure key decision makers understand what the numbers are telling them.

Regular coaching for results’¨
I will help you move up the ladder of web analytics, from clickstream analysis to site optimization to soliciting user voice. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this means: by the end you’ll have answers to your current questions, and a whole host of new, more sophisticated questions and ways to get answers that will change the way you play the online game.

This could be a good fit for you if :

  • you are interested in becoming more data driven in your decision making,
  • you are clear on what you want to achieve online and how you want to go about it – you just don’t know exactly how you’ll measure your progress.
  • you have time to implement the suggestions yourself and learn along the way,
  • you have taken one or more webinars or workshops and completed a site audit.

This is likely not a good fit if :

  • You need results tomorrow (or yesterday): most data doesn’t begin to reveal actionable insights in the first month or two. We’re developing data habits to change the way you play the game: this might take some time.
  • You don’t have buy-in or support from top decision-makers: real results based in reality can freak people out when they crush unreasonable expectations.
  • Your technical infrastructure doesn’t let you innovate: if you find it a challenge to make changes to your website’s content, layout and technical setup, it’s really difficult to act on the insights generated by web analytics.


Typical Investment:
3 months+ | $6000 and up
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