Google Analytics 4 Progressives

The current version of Google Analytics is going away in July 2023, replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA 4).  I am hosting a series of free 20 minute webinars (with optional homework) to get you up to speed with the new version of Google Analytics. 

The webinars will start in late September 2022, at 11:30am Eastern (GMT-4) on Tuesdays and repeat at 1pm Eastern on Thursdays.

Week 1: Why upgrade to Google Analytics 4? – Tuesday Sept 27, repeats Thursday 29
What’s new in the latest version of Google Analytics, and why you want to set up your GA 4 account sooner rather than later.

Week 2: The right code on every page – Tuesday Oct 4, repeats Thursday 6
How to get Google Analytics 4 code on every page of your website, and a quick look at the best tool for that purpose: Google Tag Manager.

Week 3: A first look at GA 4 data – Tuesday Oct 11, repeats Thursday 13
A look at some useful reports in the new version of Google Analytics.

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