Learn Google Analytics and Make Better Decisions

Say 'goodbye' to analytics overwhelm

Everyone working online today needs to know how to measure their results, but where should you begin?  I will show you the shortcuts to web analytics insights, set up your system to give you the most relevant metrics in Google Analytics and other tools and break down the process into simple steps that help you and your team focus on understanding what what is working and what isn't with your digital program. 

This program combines strategic advice, technical setup, and hands-on training for your team.

I have worked with dozens of not-for-profit organizations over the past decade, setting up their web analytics to track meaningful metrics and then helping them make sense of the numbers. Now I am offering a structured program to help a group of progressive organizations add expertise in Google Analytics and other tools to their team.


The program includes...


Measurement plan

We will start by developing a basic measurement plan to to identify your most valuable online metrics, based on your objectives and tactics.

Technical setup

You will have Google Analytics set up on your website to accurately measure your key metrics. We will also use powerful (and free) tools such as Facebook Analytics, Search Console and Keyword planner to gain insights into your online performance. 

Dashboards and reports

You  and your team will have access to your most powerful online metrics. You will learn how to use reporting features in Google Analytics and Google Data Studio.

Weekly calls

Weekly calls with your team will address any particular challenges your team may have and help them learn key web analytics concepts and techniques.  Sessions will be recorded for later reference. Included will be key lessons to help your team write the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam

Help using data in decision making

You will learn a framework for using data in decision making with your team, including meeting agendas and coaching in running experiments.

Introduction to key tools

The program will introduce your team to key online measurement tools beyond Google Analytics,  including Search Console, Keyword planner, and Data Studio.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a certification administered by Google.  Based on free study materials from Google, participants complete a 90-minute multiple-choice online exam administered by Google to earn their qualification. 

Preparation materials

Over the first eleven weeks of the program, your team will work through the study materials provided by Google, as well as supplemental lessons from Eric.  The last three weeks of the program will be focused on preparing to write the qualification exam.

Group calls

Group calls will take place the last three weeks of the program, to review the GAIQ course curriculum and give your team a chance to learn from other progressive non-profit organizations. The focus will be on learning web analytics concepts and techniques to prepare your team to write the GAIQ exam - we will not share any sensitive data on these calls.


The  program helps your team:

  • - quickly get up to speed on how and what to measure, based on your online goals
  • - track meaningful online metrics with Google Analytics and other free tools
  • - monitor the success of your online marketing
  • - bring actionable web metrics to your decision making process

Program Timeline


Weeks 1-3

Recording Metrics that Matter We will work together to create a measurement plan that defines the metrics that matter most to your online efforts.  Eric will set up Google Analytics, Search Console and Facebook Analytics to track these key metrics. If your focus is fundraising, we’ll make sure you’re capturing the data you need. If content marketing is a key component of your work, we’ll make sure you have the information you need.


Weeks 4-7

Data Collecting Habits You will learn to apply key techniques to help measure your email, online ads and social media with Google Analytics. We will look at powerful (and free!) sources of web analytics data such as Google Search Console and Facebook Analytics.


Weeks 8-11

Reporting and Analysis We will work together to create dashboards and regular reports that will help your team understand your online data and how to make better decisions. You will get a web analytics framework, meeting agenda and hands-on coaching to help your team use data to make better decisions.


Weeks 12-14

Recap and Program End The final three weeks will be spent fine-tuning your online reports and how your team uses the data generated. Group calls with other participating organizations will  prepare your team to write the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam, a certification offered by Google. We will work through the online resources and give you the support you need to earn your IQ badge from Google (suitable for framing!).

Reserve your spot now!

6 participating organizations. 14 Weeks for $4,500 before August 3rd, $5,000 after.   Reserve your spot with a $500 USD deposit.

This program is for you if...

  • ​Your website and online marketing is important to your success as an organization, and there is at least one full time staff person dedicated to your online work.

  • You are using a mix of email, social media, online ads and content marketing (creating useful, original content that search and social audiences love). You want to know how each of these channels is performing, and have a basis for optimizing their performance over time.
  • ​
  • ​You have a lead staff person take the course: everyone on your team can participate, but this works best if one person is ultimately responsible for the program.
  • ​
  • You can commit to at least two hours a week to the program: participating in team calls, completing web analytics tasks, watching instructional videos, completing exercises and additional reading.
  • ​
  • You can commit to working with Eric to meet the monthly objectives of the course, including weekly progress calls.
  • ​
  • You use one or more of the following technologies: Wordpress, Drupal, Engaging Networks, Salsa, Convio Luminate, EveryAction, NationBuilder and can either grant Eric admin privileges on your platform (for a limited time during setup) or provide a web developer who can set up tracking as instructed by Eric.
  • ​
  • Participants who do not use one or more of these technologies will be subject to an additional setup fee based on additional hours required.
  • ​
  • You are a progressive not-for-profit organization working to make the world a better place for all.

ERIC SQUAIR  //  Instructor

My name is Eric Squair.  I have worked with dozens of not-for-profit organizations over the past decade and a half, setting up their web analytics to track meaningful metrics and then helping them make sense of the numbers. 

Now I am offering a structured program to help a group of progressive organizations add Google Analytics expertise on their team.

Eric Squair


Get up and running with Google Analytics and other web analytics tools to understand what's working and what's not with your online work.





100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If after attending 80% of group calls, every scheduled one-on-one call and completing the exercises you find this program is not working for you, I will refund your fees in full.

Eric Squair

Frequently Asked Questions

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