Google Analytics for Website Redesign

I am running a workshop next week called Website Redesign with Google Analytics

In the two hour workshop, we’ll quickly review the key elements of these Google Analytics tutorials ┬ábefore applying them to the website redesign process.

What You Will Learn

From the registration page :

During the two hour workshop we will cover

  • A brief introduction to Google Analytics, and why it’s particularly helpful with planning a website redesign
  • Avoiding the most common and costly mistakes of redesigning your site (solving the baby/bathwater problem)
  • Identifying your top content, your biggest opportunities to get more visitors and what’s working and what’s not on your current website
  • Dashboards that will help your site redesign go smoothly
  • Do you really need to redesign your site, or can you just refresh it?

While this workshop is most useful to people already using Google Analytics on their website, you don’t need to have any previous experience with the tool.

Online Version

A few people have asked me if this workshop will be offered online in the future. I have not committed to that yet, but if that sounds interesting to you, please let me know!

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