Using Google Analytics with Blackbaud Luminate

Three free webinars to get actionable insights from Google Analytics

Webinar 1: November 7th at 1pm Eastern
​ Tracking donations in Google Analytics

Webinar 2: November 14th at 1pm Eastern
Tracking your email, ads and social media

Webinar 3: November 21st at 1pm Eastern

Reporting results with Google Analytics


Google Analytics and Blackbaud Luminate are powerful tools for raising donations online. They can also be complicated and overwhelming to set up properly.

This is your step-by-step guide  to getting useful fundraising  insights from this powerful tool.

These webinars are the follow up to a session I delivered at BBCon 2018 on using Google Analytics with Blackbaud Luminate.  They are based on my work with dozens of not-for-profit organizations, helping them to use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of their fundraising emails, online ads and social media. We will cover the most useful tips and techniques for using Google Analytics to raise more money online with the Blackbaud Luminate platform.

Webinar details

November 7th
1pm Eastern

Tracking Donations with Google Analytics on Blackbaud Luminate Set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on your Blackbaud Luminate site, including tracking donations as goals and ecommerce transactions. Includes basic instructions and code to get Google Tag Manager set up on your Luminate site.

Requirements: Must be able to edit page wrappers, create reusable page components and be willing to learn the basics of Google Tag Manager.

November 14th
1pm Eastern

Tracking your email, ads and social media with Google Analytics and Blackbaud Luminate A deep dive into Google Analytics 'campaign tags' (utm codes) and how to use them to track the results of your online ads, email and social media. How to generate tags consistently, align them with your existing Luminate source and subsource tags and why we need to use utm tags in the first place.
Requirements:  (at least one of) Able to create, test and send emails in Luminate, post to Facebook or create Facebook ads.

November 21st

1pm Eastern

Reporting Results with Google Analytics and Blackbaud Luminate ​

Find out what Google Analytics has to tell you about the results of your fundraising outreach - email, ads and social media results in clear reports and dashboards. We will look at Google Analytics standard and custom reports, and a quick introduction to Google Data Studio for upping your reporting game.


​Requirements:  Log in and administer your Google Analytics account, create a Google Data Studio account.

These webinars are for you if...

  • You use  Blackbaud Luminate  to raise donations online. While the topics explored - donation tracking, UTM tags and Google Analytics reporting - apply to all online fundraising platforms, this series is focused on the details of tracking Blackbaud Luminate for fundraising.  Don't use Luminate? Sign up here to get updates on webinars for other fundraising platforms.

  • You have intermediate Luminate capacity on your team, either in-house or working with an agency. Specifically, you are comfortable editing Luminate page wrappers, making reusable page components and creating and sending emails in Luminate.

  • Your team has time (2-3 hours per week for three weeks) to learn and implement tools and techniques including Google Tag Manager and UTM codes.
  • ​​
  • You are using a mix of email, social media and online ads for fundraising. You want to know how each of these channels is performing, and have a basis for optimizing their performance over time.
  • ​
  • You are a progressive not-for-profit organization working to make the world a better place for all.

ERIC SQUAIR  //  Data Habits

My name is Eric Squair.  I have worked with dozens of not-for-profit organizations over the past decade and a half, setting up their web analytics to track meaningful metrics and then helping them make sense of the numbers. 

I am offering these free webinars to share what I know about using Google Analytics and Blackbaud Luminate, and learn from you how best to help you use this tool to raise more money online.

Eric Squair

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