Learn Google Analytics

Learn the basics of google analytics, without technical jargon or drowning in detail. For non-technical people to take their use of Google Analytics to the next level. 25 minutes well spent!

Optional  Introduction:  Key concepts in Google Analytics

First, we’ll look at a few key concepts in Google Analytics, to make sure you know what the tool is capable of, and what it can’t do for you.  This is for users who are new to Google Analytics, and is optional information.
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Lesson 1. Why do you have a website?

Define the most important visitors to your site. The people who do exactly what you want them to do – donate, sign up, buy stuff – on your website.
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Lesson 2. Tracking ‘conversions’ on your website

Once you understand who your most valuable visitors are, set up Google Analytics to tell you more about these visitors who ‘convert’.
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Lesson 3. Track your outreach

Make sure you are tracking the results of your outreach efforts in email, social media and ads with this one crucial data habit.
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Lesson 4. Segmenting your audience

Narrow down the flood of Google Analytics data and get actionable insights by segmenting your audience.
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Lesson 5. Bringing it all together

Combine the three techniques we’ve learned – conversion tracking, custom segments and  campaign tracking – to learn about what’s working (and what’s not) on your website, email and social media.
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