What does “Untagged Email Campaigns” mean in Google Analytics?

When you log in to Google Analytics, you might see a warning like the one below, telling you you have ‘Untagged Email Campaigns’.  

What does that mean, and how can you fix it?

untagged email campaigns - what does this warning in Google Analytics mean, and how do you fix it?
The warning above will show up in your Google Analytics administration panel.

This warning means you’re not using Google Analytics to track  your email marketing – the regular email broadcasts you send out.  

You won’t be able to use the power of Google Analytics to track the behviour of site  visitors who follow the links in your email.   You’re missing a huge opportunity to get all kinds of insights into the effectiveness of the emails you send out.

Don’t send out untagged email campaigns

Don’t send out untagged email campaigns

When someone clicks on links in your email newsletter and comes to your website, Google Analytics knows they came from a Gmail or Yahoo mail account, but not much else.  

So you need to add a little bit of information to each of the links you send out, giving Google Analytics three bits of information:  

Who is following this link?   You will let Analytics know the ‘Source’ is a subscriber to your email list.

What kind of link is it?   You will let Google Analytics know this visitor is coming from a link sent out in email.   Other options for ‘Medium’ are social media or online ads.

What outreach campaign is this part of?   Is this your fall promotional series of emails, or is it the regular monthly newsletter? You will add  a ‘Campaign Name’ tag to your email links.

Here’s a tutorial explaining  exactly how to do campaign tagging.  It’s part of a set of tutorials that covers three key techniques to making sense of Google Analytics – you can sign up for free here.

Here’s a helpful article on the Google Analytics blog “Tips for tracking email marketing campaigns

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